Source code for numom2b_preprocessing.get_config

# Copyright 2019 Alexander L. Hayes

Read parameters from a ``config.json`` file and make these available through
a ``get_config.parameters()`` function.

import json

[docs]def parameters(config="phi_config.json"): """ Read the parameters from a configuration file. :arg config: JSON configuration path/file_name.json :type config: str :return: dict """ with open(config) as config_file: _parameters = json.load(config_file) # TODO: This could be simplified. Refactor where commented. _path_list = [] for _file in _parameters["files"]: # Create a path to the file for easier reading later. _file_path = "{0}{1}".format(_parameters["csv_path"], _file["name"]) # Deal with the potential "variables" list _variables = _file["variables"] if _file.get("variables") else [] # Append a tuple of these to the _path_list _path_list.append(tuple([_file_path, _variables])) _parameters["paths"] = _path_list # Similar process for the target values. _file_path = "{0}{1}".format(_parameters["csv_path"], _parameters["target"]["name"]) _variables = ( _parameters["target"]["variables"] if _parameters["target"].get("variables") else [] ) _parameters["target"] = tuple([_file_path, _variables]) return _parameters
if __name__ == "__main__": raise Exception("{0} should not be ran from __main__".format(__file__))